Susanne Lund Pangrazio



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Anonymous Women I,II, oil on canvas, 42x54 cm each

The revolution will come through the grapevine, mixed media, 45x49x2 cm/45x49x15 cm

Dependency, mixed media, 60x84 cm

The state of things, mixed media, 60x84 cm


My practice often revolves around memories and the history that has led us to where we are today. I often pose questions about the choices we make as humans, both individually and collectively.

Painting and drawing form a major part of my practice both as crafts that I always strive to improve but also as a process where each artwork gets its meaning and purpose through its visual content. I examine the world around me through paints and graphite and I silently debate through images.

I like to explore how time-consuming mediums can have a position in a fast moving digital world and I am interested in what happens to photography when it goes through the process of being drawn and painted.

Art has for me become a way to understand and process the world around me. It questions, it gives the possibility to pause, a possibility to reflect. Maybe even a possibility to change.


Originally from Sweden, Scotland has now become a place I call home. Since 2012 I live and work in Dundee.


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