Toby Trueman



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The Lighthouse

The Tides #1

Ben's Teeth

The Tides #4

Lonely Mountain

The Tides #5


An emerging fine art photographer exploring themes of wilderness, folklore and escape.

My work is inspired by the memory of childhood, folklore, storytelling, and representations of fantasy in contemporary popular culture. I explore themes of wilderness and escape, driven by a need to unplug from an electronic society that increasingly pushes us away from the natural world, a way to escape from a world dominated by screens. In using the screen to craft a vision of my own escape from it, so I find the process begins all over again.


Toby Trueman is a photographer and filmmaker. Born in England in 1982 he now lives with his family in East Lothian, Scotland. He studied Photography, Film & Imaging at Edinburgh Napier University, and is Creative Director of Edinburgh based production company Heehaw, working across video, film and animation.