Vicky Paul



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2point4, acrylic on canvas, 20cmx20cm

There Will Always Be Cracks, acrylic on paper, 45cmx30cm

Shadows, acrylic on canvas, 20cmx20cm

Summer Garden, acrylic on paper, 30cmx45cm

Sweetness & Light, acrylic on canvas, 60cmx50cm

Fragments, acrylic on canvas, 76cmx101cm diptych


My artwork is inspired by spirituality and Mother Nature and is a direct reflection of the inspiration I receive intuitively from my surroundings. As a self-taught artist, my main motivation, other than joy, is to portray the inherent beauty and harmony that exists in both the seen and unseen world around us.

Abstract painting is closest to my heart because it gives me freedom to personal express myself and enables me to convey the Universal energies I feel guided to bring through. Creation and creativity are part of our Spiritual growth and personal empowerment and my goal as an artist is to bring positive energy, motivation, spirituality and joy into people's lives. It is also my wish that my artwork is a way of presenting spirituality in a modern, creative and accessible way.

My colour palate is determined by my mood and general feeling. I work spontaneously and rarely begin with a set plan in mind. I let each painting evolve intuitively until it’s finished and there is an explosion of energy and colour on the canvas. This really excites me as an artist and I am fascinated by this process. That’s how I want people to feel when they look at my work - energised, excited and inspired to open up to new possibilities.

When I am not painting (or working), I pursue my other passions…. my family and friends (which includes our cocker spaniel furbaby!), writing, cycling, yoga and skiing. I am also a psychic medium and certified energy healer and try to bring humour, personality, authenticity and compassion to all I do.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work and to read a little bit about me. If you would like more information on me, my work or to discuss a commission please get in touch.