SSA Member, Christopher Markwell, has been invited to Scottish Parliament on Wednesday 18th September to present Alex Salmond with his portrait  “co-chòrd – October 15, 2012”


“co-chòrd – October 15, 2012” (i.e. Agreement – October 15, 2012) is a portrait of First Minister Alex Salmond celebrating the Edinburgh Agreement struck on October 15th, 2012 between him and Prime Minister David Cameron defining the terms of the Scottish Independence vote to be held on September 18, 2014.

The painting represents Mr Salmond as contemplatively emerging from darkness into the light of a new direction for Scotland dressed in Scottish regalia, saltire and SNP tartan tie.

This presentation takes place exactly a year from the Independence vote.

Christopher Markwell was born in Rothesay on the Isle of Bute, and with his family immigrated to Canada in 1951. Always a frequent visitor to Bute, he and his wife bought a home there in 2000 where he now spends almost half of each year. Retired from a successful business career, he has been able to dedicate an increasing amount of time to his painting. Everything he knows about art he learned from his late father, Ian, who attended Glasgow School of Art.


The SSA is promoting this News for a third party. The information is provided without any representation or endorsement by the SSA.

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