Not only was Ruth Nicol awarded the Tony & Maureen Toft Prize at the Society Of Scottish Artists’ Annual Exhibition, currently showing in the RSA Edinburgh, but she has also been shortlisted for Scotland biggest Art prize, the Jolomo Bank of Scotland Awards 2013.

Congratulations also to our new student member Philip MacEachan and SSA member Dawnne McGeachy who have both also been nominated for this award.

Ruth Nicol is ‘inspired by the post-industrial vistas of Leith docks.’

Philip MacEachan says that ‘Capturing the splendour of the ever-changing but rugged conditions of the Highlands and Islands is central‘ to his work

Growing up, Dawnne McGeachy was ‘obsessed by the scale of the ocean, its physicality, poetry and my father’s voyages on it to catch fish.’

The winner will be announced in June 2013 at the Kelvengrove Art Gallery in Glasgow and we wish them all the best of luck!



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