The SSA are delighted to introduce you to the winner of this year`s Engramme Printmaking Exchange Prize, Robert Powell.

Engramme Robert POWELL

Now in its fourth year, this exchange programme has been set up to create a dialogue between Scottish and Canadian artists working in the field of printmaking.

Robert Powell’s solo exhibition titled HISTOIRE UNIVERSELLE DE L’INFAMIE was in Engramme, Québec, Canada from 1 March – 6 April 2014.

‘I am interested in encyclopaedic forms: things that try to reproduce all of human knowledge in one didactic entity. Similarly, my own work has a density of information but instead of a pedagogical approach, I’m more interested in how reality can be misrepresented or embellished. I’m interested in national identity and myths – like the idea of Scotland and Scottishness. My work plays with art history and its own set of heroic myths, it looks at cultural memory and personal memory, and their relationships with truth.’

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