Sept 4 – 24

Gesso Gallery Glasgow
24 Charing Cross Mansions,
Glasgow G3 6UJ

TERRIBLEm86_GESSO-wTERRIBLEm86 displays a selection of his signature Building Blocks for his first solo show in Glasgow. Building Blocks are constructed using discarded scaffolding wood cut to individual 22 x 15.5cm blocks. Resin, existing metal, acrylics, and other mixed media are also utilized before the block hangs flush against a wall. Scaffolding wood is used because the aim is to bring new meaning to a discarded tool that has spent its entire life supporting the creation of structures but never looked upon as art itself. These endearing qualities exude emotional connections that showcase imperfections as strengths. The process of using resin encapsulates the left over construction dirt and grime in state and provides a canvas for painting and shaping. It not only breaths new artistic life into an otherwise discarded object, but also preserves the history of the wood.’

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