First Name Second Name Title
Katharine Aarrestad There is a reason why all things are as they are.
Katharine Aarrestad The stupendous mechanism of the Creator of the world.
Ade Adesina Adaptation
Ade Adesina Contradiction
Greta Alfaro In Ictu Oculi
Tom Allan Escher’s Spiral Stair
Elaine Allison Hand Me Down – Christening Gown
Elaine Allison Family Tree – Birch, Scot’s Pine, Rowan, Cedar of Lebanon, Oak and Spruce
Narda Alvarado Olive Green
Carolyn Scott & Andy Sim The Bus Party
Robert Balfour Ward New World Ark
Robert Balfour Ward Iron Ship
Patrizio Belcampo Ponzo Mary, Queen of Scots
Ingrid Bell Bleeding Brain
Allan S. Beveridge Scots Pines
Trude Blows Hebridean Horzons I
Trude Blows Hebridean Horizons II
Alan Bond Airborne 3
Molly Bullick Wandering
Molly Bullick We know where you are
Marina Burt Silk, Silver and the Sublime
Vanessa Cabban Running Hare, in Parts
Morgan Cahn Nail Soup
June Carey RSW Different Choices
Hazel Cashmore Highland River
Alan Chapman Seep
Paul Charlton The Journey
Paul Charlton One Two Three
Paul Charlton No Secrets
Alastair Clark Gyrator
Fiona Clasen Five Trees
Kyra Clegg Night Migrants
Tessa Clowney Death Has Lost Its Sting
Tessa Clowney Rhythm
Donna Conlon Coexistencia (Coexistence)
Jane Couroussopoulos The Open Door, Church above Katapola
Thomson & Craighead The Chinese Expatriate. Karaoke video from the series, ‘More Songs of Innocence and Of Experience’
Michael Craik Trace 2013_4
Blair Cunningham Cartographic.0023
Blair Cunningham Cartographic.0022
Gina Czarnecki Palaces
Jamie Davidson The Return
Christine Dobbin Untitled
Joan Doerr Static
Jolanta Dolewska Holding 020.04.12
Robert Donald Scottish Landscape: Lanarkshire
Laura Donkers Land Radius
Julia Douglas Keep the Fires Burning II
Liz Douglas Out of the Mire 2
Mark Doyle Eucalyptus 1
Mark Doyle Light Wave
Philippa Drummond Fabric of the Earth
Jean Duncan Montrose Memories
Jana Emburey Expansion No.2
Jana Emburey Migration
Helena Emmans Echos of Rolling Tides
Helena Emmans Stirring Fragile Memories
Keith Epps Wreck No.10
Keith Epps Crow
Keith Epps Landscape with Tom Mix
Ryan Esson Void
Graham Fagen Scheme for Conscience, 2014
Graham Fagen Scheme for Conscience (B&W), 2014
Graham Fagen Scheme for Conscience (Front, Roots, Back) 2014
David Faithfull Perpetual Landscape: Royal Road Test Revisited
David Faithfull Rock Paper Scissors
Ian Ferguson Masked Cloaked Rider & Falcon
Gayle Nelson & Fiona McDonald The Triad of Impairments
David Forster And lighted her lantern and went to church. Burntisland)
David Forster Shut up in an iron stove in a forest. (Ardtornish)
David Forster From which a splendid garden could be seen. (Linlithgow)
David Forster Come to the golden castle. (Kinghorn)
Davy Forsyth Pressed
Anne Forte Glass Menagerie
Martin Fowler Brutal Transition
Roland Fraser Levenhall
Louise Fraser Construction of Colour
Lorna Fraser Still
Dianne Gardner City
Mary Golden Let the Sun Shine On It
Trevor Gordon The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth.
Alison Grant Shadows of the future
Laura Gressani Museum Masks
Laura Gressani Train Reflection
Dan Halter Space Invader (Johannesburg taxi rank – port of entry)
Diana Hand Tang Horse 2
Lys Hansen The Glorious and the Grotesque
Lys Hansen Headways
Chrissie Heughan Tatami: winter
Jacqueline Higgs Harbour Road
Catherine Hiley On Land
Catherine Hiley Boat
Diana Hope To The Island
Sophie Hopkinson Superfresco V
Sophie Hopkinson Superfresco II
Sophie Hopkinson Superfresco I
Fiona R Hutchison Water Gate IV
Fiona R Hutchison Canal I
Cate Inglis Shipyard
Cate Inglis Fish Market
Cate Inglis Bus Station
~ in the fields ink
Yvonne Ireland Ebb and Flow (Part I)
Yvonne Ireland Undercurrent
Yvonne Ireland Ebb and Flow (Part II)
Gabriele Jogelaite afoul
Ewan John External Parts of a Bird
Ewan John The Human Heart
Gavin Johnston Upturned rotting hull
Robin Johnston Glasgow Backstreets
Robin Johnston Tri
Agnes Johnstone Her essential being had not been diluted by the passing of time
Aileen Keith Forgetting
Helen Kennedy Honesty
Alan Kilpatrick The Widow
Alan Kilpatrick The Bride
Līga Kočāne Untitled
Serena Korda Laid to Rest: The Brick Keepers Dance
Su Grierson & Kyra Clegg Land of the Living
Frances Law Tools
Alice Lawrie-Johnston String 3
Jodi Le Bigre Overgrowth
Jodi Le Bigre The Narcissist
Jodi Le Bigre La Rencontre
Susie Leiper The Homeless Voice of Waters
Rosie Lesso Paper Landscape #1
Rosie Lesso Paper Landscape #2
Kevin Low The Artist
James Lumsden Reflex
James Lumsden Contrapuntal (25/13)
Thomas MacGregor Parlé, View from a forensic mental health unit window
Koralia Maciej Interior Architecture I
Diane Maclean Preen
Paul MacPhail Back from the Edge # 12
Paul MacPhail Back from the Edge # 9
Paul MacPhail Back from the Edge # 27
Harry Magee Blind Shadow
Harry Magee Quantum Shift
Fiona Maher Cascade
Louise Martin Sunset Point 3
Jenny Mason Flatlands
Norman McBeath Forest Fire
Norman McBeath Wave 1
Norman McBeath Edge of the Moor
Norman McBeath Force 6
Paola McClure The Trouble with Paradise
David McCulloch The Happy Couple
Jo McDonald The Story Kist
Jo McDonald Weaving Tales
Kevin McFall Woman in Profile
Kevin McFall Head of a Man
Gillian McFarland From Here to There
Gillian McFarland Impact Softened
Barry McGlashan The World Machine
Silvana McLean Sedimentary
Silvana McLean Rift
Silvana McLean Icelandic Wrestler
Claire McVinnie Crane Fly
Janet Melrose Night Fall
Janet Melrose Journey’s End
Lola Milne Eggs
Lola Milne Glossy Jelly Yellow on Blue
Lola Milne Glossy Jelly Orange on Yellow
Rachel Mimiec Orchid
Matthias Wermke & Mischa Leinkauf Die Neonorangene Kuh
Susan Mitchell Hardy Blackies
Helen Mitchell Flourish
Tansy Lee Moir Dalkeith Reaching Oak
Tansy Lee Moir Dalkeith Burred Oak 5
Mary Morrison Map Fold Series I
Mary Morrison Galaxy
Nan Mulder Absence & Presence I
Nan Mulder Absence & Presence II
Nan Mulder Absence & Presence III
Mark Mulholland ‘John Byrne In His Studio’
Laura Mullen Curiosities
Laura Mullen Burn This Box.
Gillian Murray Loch Linnhe from Lismore
Gillian Murray Between Trees
Eona Murray Aitken Garden Entrance
Dawson Murray RSW RGI Tilt
Paul Musgrove Boundary 2 – Archaeoprint Series
Leena Nammari Golden Hills
Leena Nammari The History Books Forgot About Us – deadend
Leena Nammari The History Books Forgot About Us – steps
Ruth Nicol Bridged M8 At Charing Cross
Emma Noble The Door
Emma Noble City Study 1
Siobhan O’ Hehir Low yellow field
Lindsay Perth One Hundred Blinks
Charmian Pollok Totem for The Northern Isles
Jenny Pope Banksia
Li Portenlaenger Jura-Haus I
Li Portenlaenger Jura-Haus II
Robert Powell A Universal History of Iniquity
Sharon Quigley Lobe
Sharon Quigley Transmitter
Jessica Ramm Cloud Dispersal
Louise Ritchie Ensemble Cast
Lorraine Robson Empty Vessel No1
Lorraine Robson Pecking Order Circle
Lorraine Robson Kelp – Still Life
Fraser Ross Dark Senses
Judith Rowan Edges 1
Chris Rowland The Fallen Oak
Anne Russell Old Man of Hoy
Roger Sadler Watching the Detectives
Catherine Sargeant salsa
Catherine Sargeant ballet
Aine Scannell Historias
Aine Scannell Ursula’s Thread
Dalziel + Scullion Minnoch
Elizabeth Shepherd Old Stables Cambo
Gill Shreeve Strata Drawing with Rock Fragment II
Gill Shreeve Strata Drawing with Rock Fragment V
Cécile Simonis Coastline
Cécile Simonis Zeppelin
Cécile Simonis The Chair
Bobby Sinclair Greengrocer U-Bahn Tourist
Carol Sinclair Deep, Deeper, Deepest
Bronwen Sleigh Avenue de l’Estadi
Bronwen Sleigh Avenue de l’Estadi II
Bronwen Sleigh Balnabruaich
Jenny Smith What is Drawing?
Jackie Solaiman Glass Bottomed Boat Trip
Kenneth Spence Wall 1 (Version 3)
Ross Andrew Spencer RAS/WQS-Rising.
Karen Spy Theriaca – The body of the work – Curating from life
Jess Standfast Between Here and the Caboose
Graham Stokes Woolmet Crescent, Danderhall
Richard Strachan CMYKFW
Davide Tarsitano Cultural Diversity
Davide Tarsitano Contrasting Dynamics
Sebastian Mary Tay Heterotopic Contingency #1
Sebastian Mary Tay Heterotopic Contingency #4
Rhona Taylor Untitled 1
Angela Taylor Floe
Rhona Taylor Untitled 3
Mark Tough Symphony for the Devil
Mark Tough Artefact Unearthed Near Great Wall
Graham Tristram Boundary
Gill Tyson Telephone Box (Sanna)
Arie Vardi The Sound of a Glacier
Karen Vaughan From Tunnel Mountain #5
Miriam Vickers Orkney Landscape
Liam Walker Good Evening Madam
Mary Walters No Vestige 1
Evelyn White Walk to Mildura
Richard White Dispersal
Richard White Opening
Graeme Wilcox Frank
Susan Wilson Pumpkin Piece
Susan Wilson Journey Signs
Lynne E. Windsor Elytra
Lynne E. Windsor Elytra 2
Lynne E. Windsor Elytra 3
Christopher Wood RSW PPSSA Down the Other Air
Annie Woodford Radial
Christine Wylie Cootie Catcher I
Christine Wylie Cootie Catcher II
Christine Wylie Cootie Catcher III
Denise Zygadlo Loincloth 2
Denise Zygadlo Soles
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