Adamowicz, Marta, The Harbour, lino-cut, banana leaf paper,  £200.00 ,  £175.00
Adesina, Ade, Beyond the Line. Every Hour, Life Line, On the Watch, (triptych) woodcut, £3,000.00,  £2,500.00
Adesina & David Mach, Ade, Trickle…, linocut,  £3,000.00 , £250.00
Ahlers, Claudio, Daryl and Polly, giclee print,  £500.00,  £350.00
Andrews, Colin, The Return, video object,  £3,500.00
Asquith-Lamb, Tessa, Too Many Books (but not these books), etching, aquatint,  £250.00,  £200.00
Avey, Katie Beth, Locket II, mixed media on board,  £525.00 
Avey, Katie Beth, Shouting Distance, mixed media on board,  £650.00
Banks, Phoebe, Polystyrene Pals, polystyrene, castors / video,  £400 small,  £600 large
Barrington, Louise, Messages Change Day-by-Day, wood, textiles,  £1,200.00
Behrens, Reinhard, Tollund Teddy, etching, £750.00
Belcampo, Patrizio, Bracket, screenprint,  £340.00,  £240.00
Bernie, Victoria Clare, Ariadne, graphite pencil on pigment on gesso board, digital video animation, NFS
Biome Collective with Sembilan Matahari, Biome Collective, Shift,NFS
Booth, Emma, Deconstructed Painting (Self-Portrait) with Fran, Kate, Missy and Rose, digital collage on paper / acrylic on canvas,  £750 print only
Bown, Georgina, Sub-Breed 1, ceramic with steel stand,  £650.00
Brodie, Anne, Kaamos, giclee print,  £550.00, £250.00
Brodie, Anne, We each have our own deep white South, collage, instax mini photographs, photographic cut outs, NFS
Brook, Christopher, Kingdom, mixed media,  £750.00
Brook, Christopher, Summer Song, mixed media,  £350.00
Brook, Christopher, Beacon, mixed media,  £350.00
Bullick, Molly, Bull Dance, encaustic,  £240.00
Bushe, Robbie, Flightpath of the Aquatic Asthmatics, oil, mixed media on canvas,  £9,500.00
Callaghan, Kevin, At a Distance 4, digital c type print,  £550.00,  £455.00
Callaghan, Kevin, At a Distance 5, digital c type print,  £550.00,  £455.00
Calmus, Sarah, S.O.S (Survival nOw Skills), booklet/zine, wallpaper prints, recorded podcast,  £200.00
Carlisle, Katie, Adjustments, oil on board,  £800.00
Chan, Kristina, Sites and Mention, diptych, etched multimedia,  £800 pair,  £450 each
Cho, Haruko, B Cushion Grade #13, piezograph on lokta paper,  £1,200.00
Cho, Haruko, B Cushion Grade #16, piezograph on lokta paper,  £1,200.00
Clarence, Michael, Muriel, oil, acrylic, varnish on panel,  £480.00
Clark, Alastair, Escocia-Europa, stone and plate lithograph,  £325.00,  £275.00
Clark, Alastair, Non-Eutopians, stone and plate lithograph,  £325.00,  £275.00
Clausen, Hans K, Tell Me What Freedom Is, sprung mattresses, industrial ratchet straps, mooring hooks,  £1,984.00
Coburn, Justin, Greek Horse, oil on canvas,  £1,300.00
Comrie, Rowena, Jostle, oil on linen,  £1,800.00 
Cook, Alastair, Danny, wet plate collodion tintype, NFS 
Cook, Alastair, Eddie, wet plate collodion tintype, NFS 
Cook, Alastair, Mick, wet plate collodion tintype, NFS
Copping, Jessica, Beijing, egg tempera, graphite on board,  £120.00 
Copping, Jessica, Saskatchewan: Three Temporalities at Night, egg tempera, graphite on board,  £650.00 
Copping, Jessica, Marshall Islands, egg tempera, graphite on board,  £120.00 
Coulson, Emily, Supr Me, bronze,  £4,000.00 
Coulthard, Craig, Johnsons (Top to Toe), drawing, organic cotton, metal, £1,800.00 
Coulthard, Craig, Enliven Cucumber & Mint Handgel Professional, drawing, organic cotton, metal,  £1,800.00
Coulthard, Craig, Bionsen, drawing, organic cotton, metal,  £1,800.00
Craik, Michael, Vestige 2018_35, acrylic on aluminium,  £1,400.00 
Dean, Olive, Solomon’s Seal, lumenograph,  £300.00
Dean, Olive, Solomon’s Seal 2, lumenograph,  £300.00
Denham, Pip, Koan, acrylic, wood, natural light, POA
Denham, Pip, Paean II, plaster, acrylic, sterling silver,  £2,200.00
Deregowski, Tadeusz, Near Berwick-upon-Tweed, Fields, oil on card,  £195.00
Deregowski, Tadeusz, Yellow Tree, Central Park, N.Y., oil on card,  £195.00
Deregowski, Tadeusz, Roofs, Sidi Ifni, Morocco, oil on card,  £195.00
Dewhurst, Nancy, Clepsydra, installation, £1,000.00
Dewhurst, Nancy, Generator, installation, £1,200.00
Doerr, Joan, Sliding Doors, acrylic on canvas,  £3,500.00
Doerr, Joan, Down Time, acrylic on canvas,  £3,500.00
Donaldson, Esther, Cacti with Blue, acrylic on board,  £550.00
Douglas, Liz, Northern Edges, mixed media on canvas,  £3,750.00
Douglas, Liz, Improvisation III, mixed media on canvas,  £600.00
Dowlatshahi, Katayoun, High Down: Control Room, archival photographic print and enamel fired glass,  £3,450.00
Dowlatshahi, Katayoun, High Down: Pump Room, archival photographic print and enamel fired glass,  £3,450.00
Dowlatshahi, Katayoun, Siskin (from the Orbit series), photographs and graphite drawing son glass,  £805.00
Dowlatshahi, Katayoun, Stone Chat (from the Orbit series, photographs and graphite drawings on glass,  £805.00
Downie, Kate, Route 66, oil on canvas,  £15,000.00
Draper, Matthew, Smothered, A Hike Through Rannoch Moor (part 17), pastel on paper, £9,500.00
Duckhouse, Rachel, One Two Three BGG, etching,  £350.00,  £300.00
Duckhouse, Rachel, Shell Interface 1+2, etching,  £465.00,  £400.00
Duckhouse, Rachel, One Two Three PRO, etching,  £350.00,  £300.00
Emburey, Jana, Delirium 1, ink, acrylic on paper,  £1,100.00
Emburey, Jana, Delirium 2, ink, acrylic on paper,  £1,100.00
Epps, Keith, Down to the River, oil on canvas,  NFS
Faithfull, David, German Bight, vinyl print,  £1,200.00
Fallan, James, Juglares, bronze,  £5,000.00
Fawell, Rhed, Alfie, collage,  £595.00
Fawell, Rhed, Enclosure, collage,  £595.00
Firth, Jean, White Wash White Hot, oil on aluminium,  £250.00
Firth, Jean, Memories of Bangour I-IV, oil on board,  £550.00
Foley, Emily, Pipe Way 1-6, screenprint,  £200.00
Fleming, Rhona, Concatenation – Pink Lead, mixed media,  £695.00
Forster, David, Of Palaces of Gold and Silver (St Mark’s Park), acrylic on paper, £1,850.00
Forster, David, In the Evening the Mountain Opened (Fort William), acrylic on paper,  £1,850.00
Fraser, Roland, Single Door, salvaged wood,  £3,800.00
Furneaux, Paul, Black Rain: Shelter, Japanese woodcut print on three panels with resin,  £1,900.00
Furneaux, Paul, Simmer Dim, wood, gesso, marble dust, glue, Japanese woodcut print, £1,500.00
Gardiner, Jane, In a Green Place, oil on linen,  £2,700.00
Gardner, Anupa, Steam Room, reduction lino,  £300.00, £200.00
Gilmour, Lyndsey, Solidity, oil on steel,  £750.00
Gilmour, Lyndsey, Inverse, oil and enamel on steel,  £875.00
Gilmour, Lyndsey, Conveyor Belt, oil on steel,  £750.00
Glassford, Helen, Deference, oil on birch panel,  £3,500.00
Gowans, Gary, Text II: Oz the Great and Powerful, enamelled firebrick,  £4,000.00
Gowans, Gary, Son 1: State of the Nation, mixed media, NFS
Grant, Audrey, Here is our Arcadia, diptych, and oil on canvas, £5,250.00
Grant, Shona, Woodland Tunnel Book, photography, handmade papers, bookcloth, £290.00
Grant, Shona, Moth and Snail, colour photographic print,  £375.00
Gray, Fraser, Super Spreader, acrylic, oil on canvas,  £1,800.00
Gray, Euan, Destinations to Die For, oil on board,  £9,500.00
Green, Linda, Dark Warp, ink, pen, pencil,  £395.00
Green, Linda, Persimmon Warp, ink, pen, pencil, gesso,  £395.00
Gressani, Laura, Mountain (Eiger), monoprint,  £680.00
Grierson, Su, Presence, video,  POA
Grierson, Su, At the end of the day…, video, POA
Hall, Calum, LEIEX, digital print on aluminium,  £390.00
Hall, Calum, LEIORIEXETUBORSA, digital print on aluminium,  £350.00
Hall, Joanne, Enfolded, aluminium lithography plates, 5750 resin, wood, acrylic, steel,  £5,750.00
Hansen, Lys, Mother and Child, oil and mixed Media,  £2,500.00
Hazlewood, Marianne, Dryopteris Sieboldii, watercolour on fabriano 5,  £4,500.00
Hazlewood, Marianne, Dryopteris Affinis, watercolour on fabriano 5,  £4,500.00
Hsu, Yunhsin, Fruit, paint on fake melon,  £800.00
Hsu, Yunhsin, Animal Toys, paint on plastic toy,  £600.00
Hutchison, Fiona, Shifting Tide, tapestry,  £9,500.00
Inglis, Cate, Levelled (Terminus II), monoprint, oil on board,  £1,850.00
Inglis, Mike, Learn to Love Yourself, recycled wood, spray paint, cable drum, posca pens,  £400.00
Inglis & Rachel Owens, Emily, Undergrowth (Spaghetti Junction Series), digital photograph,  £350.00, £230.00
Inglis & Rachel Owens, Emily , Verge (Spaghetti Junction Series) , digital photograph,  £350.00 , £230.00
Jabbour, Henry, Palimpsest, stone lithography,  £525.00,  £475.00
Jamal, Lujain, 28 Years, perspex,  £500.00
Jogelaite, Gabriele, Stay in Touch 1, screenprint,  £320.00,  £280.00
Jogelaite, Gabriele, Stay in Touch 2, screenprint,  £320.00,  £280.00
Johnson, Jamie, Still Life (Bothy), acrylic, ink on paper,  £800.00
Johnson, Jamie, Family Crests, acrylic, ink on paper,  £600.00 
Jones, Frederick, Abstraktion, mezzotint,  £150.00,  £120.00
Kargul, Aleksandra, Eichstatt, Annual Print Residency 2017, stone lithography, £2,160.00,  £1,840.00
Keith, Aileen, Garden, oil paint, graphite, prismacolor, mars lumograph pencils on paper, £1,350.00
Kosciewicz, Linda, The Journey, lithograph, mixed media,  £600.00,  £530.00
Lavender, Lindsey, Stairway, acrylic, oil on canvas,  £1,500.00
Lavery, Phil, In the Broken Places 2-2, archival pigment print,  £476.00,  £360.00
Lavery, Phil, In the Broken Places 4-7, archival pigment print,  £475.00,  £360.00
Lavery, Phil, In the Broken Places 2-4 , archival pigment print ,  £475.00 ,  £360.00
Lawless, Ros, Tank Room, screenprint, oil pastel, acrylic,  £2,000.00
Le Bigre, Jodi, Scottish Citrus, lithograph,  £495.00,  £400.00
Le Riche, Kenneth, Illusion of Ladder in Artificial Space Still Under Construction, acrylic, graphite, pen on panel,  £1,750.00
Leech, Gwyneth, Building the Back Wall 1 – 6, oil on board, NFS
Leech, Gwyneth, Views from the Studio 1 – 9, oil on board, NFS
Leiper, Susie, The Whole Wild Enchantment (from Nan Shepherd), oil, casein paint on canvas,  £4,500.00
Lemm, David, Sign for Kilbeg No. 3, aquarelle, graphite and wax on found admiralty chart,  £400.00
Lemm, David, Sign for Kilbeg No. 7, Aquarelle, graphite, wax on found admiralty chart,  £400.00
Lemm, David, Waxing Moon, Setting Sun, cyanotype on paper,  £2,200.00
Llewellyn, Jai, What Comes Around, oil, acrylic on canvas, wood,  £1,200.00
Lorenz, Kirsty, Kitchen Garden Votives – Votive Offerings No.s 93 – 102, watercolour, acrylic on paper,  POA
Lumsden, James, Contrapuntal Landscape (1/14), acrylic on canvas,  £3,500.00
Mack, Alastair, Ring 13, mixed media on paper,  £350.00
Mack, Alastair, Arena 6, mixed media on paper,  £350.00
Mackie, Doug, Spent, concrete, jute sacks,  £1,750.00
Macneil, Nicholas, Untitled 9, oil on wood,  £400.00
Macneil, Nicholas, Untitled 4, oil on wood,  £400.00
Macneil, Nicholas, Untitled 6, oil on wood,  £400.00
Martin, Kit, Lamprey, cyanotype,  £280.00, £210.00
Matheson, Penelope, A Melon for Ecstasy, ceramic, hand built white earthenware, £400.00
Maxted, Karen, Cgu, acrylic on linen,  £350.00
Maxted, Karen, Leaves, plasma cut steel, powdercoated, acrylic on mdf,  £600.00
McBeath, Norman, Maintainer of the Universe, photogravure, gold leaf,  £650.00
McClure, Paola, Encounter Counterbalance, concrete,  £3,000.00
McClure, Calum, Forest Interior, oil on canvas,  £14,000.00
McCulloch, David, No Thing New, No New Thing, embossed etching, archival ink,  £670.00,  £420.00
Gillian McFarland & Singe with Gayle Price, Congregate, lampworked scientific glass, £1,000.00
McGowan, Alan, Inverted Male, bronze,  £1,500.00, £1,500.00
Mcilmunn, Celine, Alphabetti Spaghetti Mandala, digital print,  £750.00,  £500.00
McIntosh, Andy, Regeneration, brass, zinc, plastic,  £1,200.00
Mckenna, Martin, Postcard (Notre-Dame de Reims), oil on postcard,  £1,200.00
Mckenna, Martin, Postcard (Sommesous), oil on postcard,  £1,200.00
Mckenna, Martin, Postcard (Basilica of Notre-Dame de Brebières), oil on postcard, £1,200.00
McKenzie, James Alexander, Concord Nudist (Captain America), multi-disciplinary, £700.00
Milling, Rebecca, Exit – Red River Hog, archival giclee print,  £425.00
Milling, Rebecca, Exit – Sea Lion, archival giclee print,  £425.00
Minjie, Zhang, Stage Series No.3, 3-colour lithograph,  £1,200.00
Minjie, Zhang, Stage Series No.5, 3-colour lithograph,  £1,200.00
Minjie, Zhang, Finding No.1, 3-colour lithograph,  £1,000.00
Minjie, Zhang, Untitled Series No.11, 5-colour silkscreen,  £1,000.00
Montgomery, Louise, Transfer, pigment transfer drawing, mixed media,  £700.00
Moore, Helen, Castletown, oil on board,  £650.00
Moore, Emily, Urban Sprawl 2, acrylic, gesso, graphite on panel,  £1,300.00
Moore, Emily, Urban Sprawl 1, acrylic, gesso, graphite on panel,  £1,300.00
Morrison, Mary, Compass III, oil, mixed media on paper,  £565.00,  £525.00
Morrison, Mary, Bloom, oil, mixed media on paper,  £565.00,  £525.00
Murray, Dawson, Turkish Pool – Midnight, acrylic,  £1,500.00
Murray, Gillian, Serenity, screenprint,  £330.00,  £250.00
Murray, Gillian, Strata, collagraph, screenprint,  £335.00, £250.00
Myatt, Charles, Buddleja, woodblock print, organic pigment, linseed oil, paper, pencil, bees wax, red wood,  £3,200.00
Nammari, Leena, Biblical Jenga, bronze, olive wood,  £1,200.00
Nammari, Leena, Haneen, red earthenware clay,  £2,000.00
Neil, Andy, Brady’s Chasm, oil on board,  £1,500.00
O’Connor, Marcel, Ice Blue, oil, wax, resin on wood panel,  £650.00
O’Connor, Marcel, Residues of Green, oil, wax, resin on wood panel,  £450.00
Obergfell, Jörg, Koya, 288 photographs & installation,  £60 each photo
Osborne, Mark, Pavilion, photogram,  £800.00
Osborne, Holly, Lunge, oil on linen,  £2,000.00
Ostromecka, Marzena, Play Zone, cast, blown, fused glass, turned wood, MDF, electronics, digital sound, POA
Park, Jin Young, Vestiges of Disappearance, film,  NFS
Parker, Trevor, Four-banger, stone lithograph,  £370.00,  £265.00
Parker, Trevor, Ka Hápainga, stone lithograph,  £360.00,  £260.00
Parry with contributing artists: Emma Smith, William Conway, Kirsteen Davidson-Kelly, Joanna Burns, Phillip Hague, Ewan John and members from the W.H.A.L.E community. A project by Scottish Chamber Orchestra Connect and W.H.A.L.E, Suzanne, Incredible Distance, ink, aluminum, photography, film, audio, NFS
Paton, Rowan, SOS, acrylic, print on canvas,  £2,500.00
Pfaff, James, Ever Been Changed by Someone? , Neon, NFS
Pfaff, James, One Day?, video, NFS
Phillips, Andrew, The Mountain of Light, ink, pastel on paper,  £600.00
Phillips, Andrew, With a Fervent Longing, ink, pastel on paper,  £400.00
Pollok, Charmian, Bonefire, mixed media,  £575.00
Pollok, Charmian, Flotsam, mixed media,  £875.00
Pope, Jenny, Tools to Evoke Change, mixed media, found objects, paper, felt, wire, pins, fabric, latex,  £100.00
Powell, Robert, Grand Tour, lithograph, watercolour,  £700.00
Powell, Robert, Between the Lost Places – A Nervous System, print, mixed media, £2,400.00
Pradeep Kumar, Kandula, Untitlted , ceramics,  £1,000.00
Ramage, Clive, The North Face, Ben Nevis (Pink), etching,  £350.00,  £250.00
Rankine, Ray, Review Your Experience, acrylic, oil paint, charcoal, pencil on board, £700.00
Rankine, Ray, Rate this Site, acrylic, oil paint, charcoal, pencil on board, £700.00
Repping, Angela, Fourteen, oil on board,  £1,500.00
Ritchie, Louise, Relational, waterless lithography, screenprint, perspex layers on perspex,  £2,000.00
Roy, Mel, No Idols Made of Water, oil on board,  £375.00
Roy, Mel, Temporal Force, oil on board,  £375.00
Royuela Marqués, María, Feel Me, Feel You, installation, NFS
Sargeant, Catherine, Bring on the Diamonds, screenprinted letterpress,  £320.00,  £250.00
Shaw, Taylor, Full Contact, installation,  POA
Shemilt, Elaine, Manoevre IV (from the Winterline Collection), woodcut, screenprint on paper,  £900.00
Simonis, Cécile, Hot Air Balloon, stone lithograph, screenprint,  £250.00,  £170.00
Simonis, Cécile, The Box, stone lithograph,  £250.00,  £170.00
Sinclair, Carol, The Spaces Between, porcelain,  £550.00
Sinclair, Carol, Evanesce, porcelain,  £675.00
Skulina, Jill, Inheritance, ceramics,  £750.00  
Skulina, Jill, And Repeat, ceramics,  £750.00
Sleigh, Bronwen, Jinja Road Study I, hand coloured etching,  £460.00,  £400.00
Sleigh, Bronwen, Nile Avenue, hand coloured etching,  £460.00,  £400.00
Sletteland & Hans K Clausen, Kjersti, Duo, mixed media,  £1,500.00
Smith, Jenny, Rowan, laser engraving,  £580.00, £380.00
Smith, Jenny, Ragwort, laser engraving on paper,  £580.00,  £380.00
Smith, Gerry, Genome K Genomics: A Scientific Approach to Three Men in a Boat, laser print on foamex board,  £1,300.00,
Smith, David, A Few Lines About Dora and Dale, ink on paper,  £760.00  
Smith, Gerry, The Giotto Triptych, computer animation,  £865.00  
Smith & Sarena Wolfaard, Jenny, Drawn to Dance, interactive drawing workshop/experience, NFS,
Stackhouse, Aileen M, Geese Flying 2 (first see), pencil on paper,  £500.00  
Stackhouse, Aileen M, Geese Flying 3 (first look), pencil on paper,  £500.00  
Stamatopoulos, Nectarios, Bias, ink, acrylic on paper,  £450.00  
Stanger, Nina, Standing Wave, moving image,  NFS  
Stanger, Nina, Siren, mixed media sculpture, NFS  
Stanger, Nina, Aquaphone, metal instrument, NFS  
Stockley, Jonathan, Wolsington House, charcoal,  £400.00  
Stockley, Jonathan, The Corner Shop, charcoal,  £400.00  
Stokes, Jayne, Souvenir , acrylic, collage, found objects in souvenir matchboxes, £900.00  
Stokes, Jayne, 8 Days, acrylic, collage, vintage tins,  £900.00
Strachan, Niall Campbell, The America Experiment, acrylic, oil stick,  £4,500.00  
Su, Pam, Erebus, slip-cast earthenware, tin-glazed, enamel painted,  £1,500.00  
Sumpter with Katy Hundertmark, John, Helping, silver gelatin print,  £150.00,  £90.00
Sumpter with Katy Hundertmark, John, Hindering, silver gelatin print,  £150.00,  £90.00
Sutton-Hibbert, Norman, Sweets and Marbles, enamel paints,  £450.00  
Sutton-Hibbert, Norman, Small Pieces (homage to Richard Tuttle), enamel paints, £450.00  
Tait, Pamela, Roots and Rust, etching,  £500.00,  £400.00
Tait, Erlend, The Paper Robot, acrylic on watercolour paper on panel,  £1,500.00  
Talboys, Francesca, Corners, oil on board,  £250.00  
Tay, Sebastian Mary, Time Passing #2, photography giclee print, NFS
Taylor, Tim, Held, used saws,  POA
Theobald, David, Modern Wonder, digital animation, NFS
Thomson, Corrie, Soft Landing, obeche, oak, steel, concrete, bronze, ceramic, £4,600.00
To, Frank, The Three Shears, ignited gunpowder, black powder, handmade paper, £1,900.00
Travers, Gemma, Here We Are Again, oil on linen board,  £550.00
Travers, Gemma, The Gloves That Don’t Fit, oil on linen board,  £450.00  
Turner & William Braithwaite, Olivia, Reinforce I, concrete, acrylic, £1,200.00
Turner & William Braithwaite, Olivia, Reinforce II, concrete, steel,  £1,200.00 
Turner & William Braithwaite, Olivia, Reinforce III, concrete, acrylic, £1,200.00  
Turner & William Braithwaite, Olivia, Reinforce IV, concrete, steel,  £2,800.00 
Tyson, Gill, Magic Mountain, lithography, screenprint,  £550.00,  £400.00
Tyson, Gill, Red Mountain 1, monotype,  £360.00,  £250.00
Wallace, Alasdair, Gully, acrylic on canvas over board,  £7,500.00  
Wallace, Alasdair, Extraordinary, acrylic on board,  £3,500.00  
Walters, Mary, Grey Seas (triptych), monotype on paper,  £750.00  
Walton, Gosia, HVMANI – III, laser cut on green fluorescent transparent plexiglass, £2,000.00
Waugh, Chandelle, Compassion, latex,  £1,000.00
Whiten, Kirsty, Annointing (pink), acrylic and oil on linen,  £3,995.00
Whiten, Kirsty, Initiation (marked), acrylic, oil on canvas,  £3,995.00
Whyte, Kenneth, The Order of Things, oil, acrylic,  £650.00
Whyte, Kenneth, The System of Things, oil, acrylic,  £650.00
Whyte, Deborah Boyd, Blue Tie Fold, watercolour paper and ink,  £375.00,  £375.00
Wilson, Matthew, Untitled (potential print for final diptych), screenprint, chalk, chalkboard paint on paper,  £850.00
Wilson, Matthew, as the weight of you becomes more and more, lithograph,  £425.00,  £355.00
Witts, Sonja, Salt My Sweet, woodcut, stone lithograph,  £300.00,  £250.00
Wood, Christopher, Edge of Winter, acrylic, collage on board,  £3,600.00
Wylie, Christine, Conus I, photogravure,  £300.00,  £275.00
Wylie, Christine, Conus II, photogravure,  £300.00,  £275.00
Yi-Chieh, Chiu, Foliage at Sgadan, three-colour photopolymergravure,  £270.00,  £220.00
Yi-Chieh, Chiu, Moredun Wood, four colour photopolymer,  £340.00,  £295.00