SSA member  is taking part in the exhibition ‘At This Point In Time’ at The Scottish Arts Club.

An exhibition of 33 International contemporary artists organised by WITP, ‘At This Point In Time’ embraces the international vision all contemporary artists wish to be a part of and enable through their creative practice. The voice of creativity cannot be silenced. 

WITP is an artist collective supporting contemporary artists by exhibiting their works in vibrant and exciting locations, giving them an opportunity for future success in the art world.

Aileen McGee – Alex Close – Alex Fletcher – Alice Gorton – Amanda Lwin – 

 Amy Oliver – Anita Rozentale – Dafni Bampanioti – Eeva-Liisa Puhakka – 
 Emily Tull – Faith Rhodes – Felicity McCartan – Fraser Haston – 
Freya Taylor – Genevieve Leavold – Hannah Pratt – Heather Burwell – 
Irene Godfrey – James Wright – Jean Gillespie – Kate Enters – 
Laura Fishman –  Lauren Mele – Lawrence Mathias – Lucy Ash – 
Michelle Hold – Mirella Bandini – Nectarios Stamatopoulos – 
Ruth Thomas – Sally Jones – Tamara Torres – Theano Giannezi – 
Wouter Willebrands

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