Advertising In The SSA Annual Exhibition Catalogue

Perhaps the most direct way for a business to support the Society, and the one which has the most simple, direct and obvious benefit to the Sponsor is to make a donation towards an advertisement in the annual Exhibition Catalogue. Exhibition catalogues tend to have a ‘long life’ as they are often kept for reference, rather than being discarded – so their benefit to advertisers can be greater than in ‘ordinary media’.

For a business, any amount paid in respect of an advert in the exhibition catalogue should be deductible for Corporation Tax purposes.

Minimum suggested donation:
Full page ­ colour £400.
Full page ­ black and white £300.
Half page ­ colour £250.
Half page ­ black and white £175.

Print run and distribution:
A minimum of 2000 catalogues will be printed. Some 20,000 patrons visited the exhibition last year. The market includes art buyers and collectors, cultural tourists, local residents, regular gallery visitors, school groups, practicing professional artists, recent art school graduates, other students, lecturers and teachers.

Technical requirements for advertisers:
Format: Full colour and black-and-white publication.

Technical data:
Pagination between 32 and 40 pages
Page size 200 mm x 210 mm
Type area 176 mm x 190 mm
full page advert size: 185mm x 187 mm
half page landscape advert size: 185 x 91 mm
half page portrait advert size: 91 x 187 mm

Adverts to be sent in pdf format in CMYK at 300dpi when at the size to be used.

Please CONTACT us to discuss your requirements