The Creen Craft sessions are open to all who wish to deepen their inner relationship to landscape and the living Earth – to feel a greater sense of being a part of  the web of life that we know as ‘Nature’. 
At the present time in our culture it is not uncommon to experience a sense of disconnection in the way we relate to the environment, other people, and even to ourselves. Creen Craft has been developed in response to this ‘crisis of our times’, to provide for people a creative, therapeutic, and empowering way of attending to experiences of separation and grief for Nature, as well as rekindling a sense of deeper inspiration which strengthens our resolve to care for life.

‘Creen’ is a Scots word meaning to cultivate a lament. So in this context we are talking about acting with the intention of creating something of meaning and beauty, to honour not only the life that presently surrounds us, but also that which has departed.

Facilitated by SSA Members Andrew Phillips Ba(Hons) Fine Art, MA Art Psychotherapy.

“I have been exploring a love of landscape through my art practice for over ten years. I have worked with individuals and groups, in a variety of settings, including the NHS. I am registered with the Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC).”

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