SSA members Rhona Fleming and Deborah Boyd Whyte are exhibiting alongside Alison Leach at Patriothall Gallery from 15-23 October 2016.

These three artists with a congruous agenda have collaborated in the making of ‘Dialogues’ by negotiating and exploring the porous boundaries and edges of abstraction.   Through the media of drawing, painting, installation and sculpture they have explored the layered concept of dialogue by addressing the qualities of the architectural space itself and the conversations created between the works.   This concept is extended to the relationship with the audience.  Their work is abstract, and to borrow a concept from musical theory, encompasses the notion of ‘floating intentionality’ whereby different people can interpret the open and inclusive nature of the work in different ways.  That unpredictable response will, in a sense, complete the intention of the show.

Off Hamilton Place
Edinburgh EH3 5AY


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