Discarded is an installation in remembrance of BAME frontline workers, presented in Waterloo Festival, London by SSA Artist Member Lindy Furby.

It is a protest of the disproportionality of BAME deaths suffered by frontline workers.

Discarded people: Nurses, doctors, carers, drivers, shop workers, ambulance drivers …….essential workers. Discarded; dead as the result of lack of PPE, lack of care. A disproportionality of immigrants, blacks, Asians, …….. discarded.

This installation consists of 64 discarded printed face-masks on the ground. 50 printed with a drypoint image of a named BAME person who has caught coronavirus working in essential services and died. 10 printed with “I CANNOT BREATHE” and 4 printed with DISCARDED. These printed face-masks are strewn on the ground and people can view them but also can walk on them mirroring the treatment BAME essential workers have endured.

17 June 2020 – ongoing

Location: St John’s Church, 73 Waterloo Road, London SE1 8TY

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Discarded, Lindy Furby 


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