The Society of Scottish Artists is delighted to announce the shortlist for the SSA Engramme Artist Exchange 2017-18. The artists are: Ade Adesina, Ellis O’Connor, Gabriele Jogelaite, Ingrid Bell, Rosalind Lawless and Sara Alonso

The SSA Engramme Artist Exchange offers an exciting international exhibition opportunity for an artist based in Scotland and working in printmaking to apply for a solo exhibition at Engramme in Quebec, Canada.

Now in its sixth year, this partnership between the Society of Scottish Artists and Engramme has created a vibrant dialogue between artists based in Scotland and Canada.

Sharon Quigley, President of the Society of Scottish Artists said about the opportunity, “This year, our call to artists attracted a remarkable response, with applications providing a fascinating snapshot of the outstanding talent within the SSA membership. We also welcome a number of new members to the Society, attracted by the opportunity to exhibit with Engramme.”

Engramme will now choose an artist from the shortlist to invite to exhibit in Quebec. Details of the selected artist will be announced soon.


Ade Adesina

Ade’s work is a visual commentary on the ideas of ecology and our ever changing world focusing on how the human footprint is affecting our planet. Working mostly in woodcut, linocut and etching, Ade combines his African cultural roots with British culture, producing work that invites people to reflect on the past, present and the future.


Ellis O’Connor

Ellis uses the visual language of drawing and lithographic printmaking to challenge assumptions about the natural environment, to reinterpret the grandeur of natural landforms, and to re-present this visual information laden with power. An artist, conservationist and geologist, she addresses issues of climate change and wild land hoping to inspire others to take action for the future.


Gabriele Jogelaite

Gabriele’s practice demonstrates systematic ways of working with mediums in order to explore the qualities of line, surface and form. She combines printmaking, sculpture and craft techniques that relate to the action of mark making. Her work focuses on themes of time, duration, repetition, artistic labour and craftsmanship.


Ingrid Bell

Ingrid is drawn to the idea of the mind considering the image as stimuli and then to act upon this through bodily action. In her recent work, images or ‘stimuli’ react to touch and are transformed dependent on where the touch is placed, the work requires the audience to engage with the print to bring it to life.


Rosalind Lawless

Rosalind’s work takes the form of screenprint and painting and is a predominantly studio-based practice. The contents, ideas and urgency of her work is strongly affected by her immediate surroundings and for the last few years, she has made work inspired by architecture and everyday objects.


Sara Alonso

Sara’s recent work explores the privilege of boredom in a society of inequality and the constant demands for action. Sara describes her work as ‘primitive’, using paper and printmaking to open a debate about modern ways of communication and interaction in human relationships.


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