Games for May is a one-day event and an exhibition exploring strategies for text/sound processing and generation that builds on the structural and sensory logic of the material, and includes audible re-iterations, executable programs, and other self-generative works with audio-visual element.

We are interested in feedback loops that exist in tech-genesis (both human-machine and within-machine) as well as diy facsimiles that might ‘re-pot’, reinterpret and play on these loops in other (tech and non-tech) materials.

The day consists of daytime experimental workshops and an exhibition of works, followed by a revisiting of a seminal experimental sound piece from 1969, a performance of Lucier’s I Am Sitting In A Room.

The soundworks will be exhibited both as an exhibition and as IR11 RELEASES through a local-digital LAN gallery space in Skylight/Old Tolbooth Market 1-11 June 2019.

IR11 curatorial team + Participating artists: Zach Sch, Ed Bruce, Peter Daniels, Nastia Nikolskaya, Mirja Koponen, Gerry Smith, Nicky Melville, Ana Gonzalez Chouciño

Event Programme:
12noon-4.30pm – Daytime sessions/exhibition and workshops, followed by refreshments/reception
6pm onwards – sound and textworks reading and presentation
7.30 onwards – performance: I Am Sitting In a Room
IR11 @ Skylight, Old Tolbooth Market, 179a Canongate, Edinburgh EH88NB

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