SSA Member Alison McWhirter is to present her first exhibition with the Smithy Gallery.

Alison McWhirter BA MA was born in Scotland in 1975. She attended Bath Academy where she trained as a painter gaining a BA in Fine Art in 1998. She continued her studies to gain a Postgraduate MA in Visual Culture 2000. Bath Academy of Art has produced such luminaries as the colourist Howard Hodgkin.

After establishing a career in publishing, as well as teaching art, McWhirter returned to South West Scotland to pursue her career as a painter; her raison d’etre.

Her studies of flowers are intimate compositions which evoke a mood through their vibrancy of colour and loose bold brushwork. Her paintings are instinctive responses to her subject, often mixing paint directly on the canvas, so creating a sense of spontaneity which is prevalent in all her work. McWhirter’s abstract works are sensorial responses to places which hover in the mind’s eye, they seem to create a visual order all of their own.

Wild Love by Alison McWhirter opens Sunday 29 July, 2-5pm
Smithy Gallery, 74 Glasgow Road Blanefield G63 9HX

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