In her lithographic work, SSA Honorary Member Li Portenlänger and Director of Lithographie-Werkstatt Eichstätt in Bavaria, Germany works with the historical architecture of her surroundings.

For her current exhibition Promenade with Maurizio – Chateau Coronaz she has referred to the plans and drawings of Maurizio Pedetti, the court architect of the late 18th century in Eichstaett (Bavaria). His images are digitally worked and transferred to stone. Li Portenlänger shows the cycle of the ‘Promenade with Maurizio – Chateau Coronaz’ in the Lithographic Cabinet of the Lithographic Workshop Eichstaett.

23 October – 8 November 2020 | 4 – 6pm by appointment
Eichstätt, Bavaria. Germany
Exhibition catalogue is also available. 

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Image: ©Li Portenlänger
Printed Catalogue ©Li Portenlänger
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