O for light…. is a new body of painterly text pieces based on the changing sky created during spring and summer 2020 by Edinburgh text artist and SSA Professional Member Catherine Sargeant. The title of the exhibition comes from the partially ‘erased’ title of a book that Catherine altered and used for the inspiration of these new works.

A spring series of 30 small paintings depict the April sky, each one highlighting a single word.

A summer selection of pages from the 100 day book have been developed into larger paintings using subtle colour changes and mark-making whilst gently weaving the text through.

‘During lockdown I didn’t have access to my studio and was isolating in an attic flat in Tillicoultry.  With the dramatic unknown of the situation I found solace in creating sketches of the ever moving and changing sky. Without access to my studio materials I used things at hand, emulsion paint, newspapers and envelopes, and made my own rice glue.  I then became immersed in two art challenges.  Firstly for the month of April I painted the sky daily in a sketchbook writing on the page a few simple comments about my day. After completing this I committed to the 100 day project Scotland and I used a single textbook, altering a page a day by covering it in collage.  Again I depicted the sky but I also left aspects of the page text uncovered in the form of a blackout (erasure) poem.  These blackout poems reflected the day’s news, the weather, my mood or something that appealed to me that day.  All 100 pages can be seen on my Instagram feed.’

16 October – 6 November

Upright Gallery | Edinburgh | EH10 4HP

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Images: O for light… (2020) Catherine Sargeant
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