Pamela Tait is exhibiting as part of new exhibition Monochromagic.

At the very heart of Monochromagic lies the passion for drawing, which the artists push in a multitude of directions, utilising a variety of media and incorporating labour intensive processes, such as etching. Exploring an array of themes including, fantasy, chaos and folklore, the artists and their artworks are brought together through a combination of fabulous surrealisic visions and painstaking attention to detail. The absolutely intriguing monochrome wonders you will behold in this show have unfurled from truly masterful imaginations and are loaded with enigmatic and enchanting magic: ‘Monochromagic’.

Monochromagic opens on at 7pm on 7th September and will run until 28th September. The exhibition features new works by Pamela alongside works by five international artists, Richard A. Kirk, Jon MacNair, Jeremy Nichols and Tronvs.

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