Phantom Things is an exhibition about ghosts and about objects by SSA Professional Member Robert Powell . Exploring the ways that things can haunt individual persons and entire cultures, Phantom Things takes the viewer through an oddly dystopian future we face as a result of our constant need to collect and consume.

In this, Robert’s second solo exhibition with The Fine Art Society, his singular voice draws attention towards our obsessions with past utopias that now appear untenable in contemporary western society. This is explored through our relationship with objects, and the emotional significance we often attach to them, reminding us of particular events or individuals. In Powell’s work, this sentiment has been disrupted by the commercial wasteland of consumerism; we are left, instead, with the cultural hauntings of these ‘phantom things’.

30 October – 28 November

The Fine Art Society | Edinburgh | 6 Dundas Street | Further info>>

The Work of the Dead, Robert Powell
Library of the Blind, Robert Powell
Stairs, Robert Powell
Columbarium, Robert Powell
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