SSA Members Louise Barrington, William Braithwaite, Rachel Duckhouse, Paul Furneaux, Hetty Haxworth, Rosalind Lawless, David Lemm, Bronwen Sleigh, Rhona Taylor and Olivia Turner are currently exhibiting in Reduct: Abstraction and Geometry in Scottish Art at The Royal Scottish Academy.

The exhibition of works by 31 Scottish artists examine the ways in which non-objective expression remains a compelling approach one hundred years after it was first taken up by the early avant-garde. Framed in a historical context of internationally significant Scottish artists, the exhibition will highlight the pursuit of non-objective form, through the prism of geometry, as an important movement in contemporary Scottish painting, printmaking and sculpture. The title of the exhibition, Reduct, relates to the centrality of reduction and distillation to abstraction.

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24 October – 22 November 2020

RSA Lower Galleries | The Royal Scottish Academy |Edinburgh

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RSA Lower Galleries | The Royal Scottish Academy |Edinburgh
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