Online exhibition Salt Jardar brings together the distinct practices of Kevin Andrew Morris and SSA Graduate Member Kristina Aburrow. Kevin and Kristina’s work follows the same thread of thought, heritage and geography. Predominantly working within ceramics, their work takes on many narratives encompassing these themes and material foundations.

Having met at Gray’s School of Art, where Kevin works as a technician and Kristina a Contemporary Art Practice student. A meeting of minds occurred over the love of fish and most things North East. Discovering that both their works sat nicely together, whether it was looking into the dialect and stories of the local area or the joy of the unpredictable nature of natural firings of ceramics.

The artists discuss how their practices have been shaped by northern landscapes (with particular reference to Iceland where Kevin and Kristina have recently completed a joint residency) exploring themes of identity and place. Both experiencing the Icelandic winter, with it’s glorious light, Aurora and stunning scenery, to its raging storms that had them housebound at the Korpulfstaddir farm. This was a unique opportunity for them to work alongside each other, though miles apart. By doing this, the artists focus on the narratives and rituals associated with living within northern places, and how these actions preserve intimate and strong connections towards ‘north’ as itself, a place

This is something the two of them are aiming to continue, creating work together as part of an individual pair, discovering more ways to communicate the narrative of locations, whether it’s in Scotland or further afield.

Exhibition runs until 19 April 2020


Salt and Earth, Kristina Aburrow

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