*Please note this exhibition has been cancelled*

New paintings from SSA Artist Member John Slavin celebrate the coming of Spring with mountain landscapes, portraits of mythical gods, Christian miracle, and the heroes of Scottish wonder tales.

Opening: 20 March, 6.30-9.30pm
The Vernal Equinox and World Storytelling Day, with special guest storytellers Marion Kenny, David Campbell and Lynda Dargie.

21-22 March 2020
Spring celebrations in art, story and music continue in the gallery for adults on Saturday night with storyteller guests Philip Differ, Marion Kenny and Rachel Salter; and for families and children, Sunday afternoon 2-4pm with Marion Kenny and 4.30-6.30pm with storytellers Lynda Dargie and Beverly Casebow.

To sum up the exposition, Slavin’ poetry speaks: ‘A Picture of all That’.
The muse resides in the mountains but worship may be transplanted as easily as a tree. The hoof of the moon strikes water from stone. We are our own face reflected in the cauldron of art wearing the mask of the unicorn. Where the old magics; meditation, memory and song are new, full, and waxing. White hills, white swans, white smiths. As water drips from bramble we share our sacred ship with charioteers, Maenads, Archers of Love, with the king of the Mermen and artists bygone. Dionysus is not alone. Calm voyage on troubled sea; for love as god, for gods of war, for art adorned with all associations, with wonder, mystery and blessings. Here is the paint upon my hands, a strange exactness seals my lips.

23-26 March 2020
The Life Room Gallery | 23b Dundas Street |Edinburgh |EH3 6QQ

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John Slavin
The unicorn is about to knock the king’s shield from his grasp in a child’s dream.
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