“I am not here”, a project by SSA Member Nectarios Stamatopoulos specially commissioned by the Royal West of England Academy, for the Drawing Lab (part of the current exhibition, Drawn) will be running from 20 April to 4 June. 

An interactive artwork and curatorial project about drawing
and collaborative practice, produced in conjunction with the RWA, will include existing collaborative artworks by the artist and other individuals ranging from internationally renowned artists to amateurs and people with special abilities.
The artist will work as an off-site artist in residence and will create new collaborative pieces interacting with the Drawing Lab audience. Old and new works will be exhibited as prints of the same size installed on the wall space of the Drawing Lab. It will also serve as a research project, looking into the various aspects of drawing, highlighting its importance as a medium of creating art and its educational power.

There will be a digital archive of the project available at the end of the exhibition. http://www.rwa.org.uk/whats-on/drawing-lab

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