Half-Light is a touring exhibition of monochromatic works by Jana Emburey, Beth Legg, and Karlyn Sutherland.

SSA Professional Member, Jana is a visual artist working across a wide range of media, including paintings, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and installation. The work explores the concept of time perception, memory and inter-connectivity.

Beth’s work is rooted in an exploration of the poetic nature of materials. Photography, digital manipulation, printmaking and paper collage feed into her visual research alongside the traditional hand tool methods she utilises at the bench when making jewellery.

Central to Karlyn’s work is a longstanding interest in the bond between people and place. Her practice explores this dialogue through glass and architecture, with a particular focus on how characteristics and qualities of space are capable of shaping our experience, memories, and sense of attachment to our surroundings.

1st October – 12th November 2016, St Fergus Gallery, Wick

28th January – 25th February 2017, The Art Gallery in Thurso Library
Private Preview on Friday 27th January, 6-8pm  (TBC)

4th March – 15th April 2017, Inverness Museum & Art Gallery



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