Two SSA members, June Carey and Ade Adesina have recently collaborated in the production of a series of new works in print. Together they have created a sublime series of etchings and linocuts that combine Carey’s figures with Adesina’s landscapes, mixing the “magical realism” of the artists.

A mutual love of travel brought June and Ade together, with both finding inspirations in different cultures throughout the world.

For Carey foreign travel always inspires new work. When visiting another country June seeks out objects to which she is drawn to. Never quite sure why she is drawn to a particular object, June is compelled to have it and take it home. Eventually, the object will begin to appear in June’s work, but usually in a symbolic way, representing something else which comes from her subconscious mind. For Carey, the act of travelling, be it through her own imagination or in reality offers a never-ending source of rich ideas to tap into.

As the beliefs and values of other cultures have provided a foundation for June’s work, she hopes that this exhibition will stimulate visual familiarity to some and offer a glimpse of a different culture to others, including her own. She would also hope to give an understanding of how an artist can be influenced by their surroundings, and how it can be a never-ending search for self-expression and conclusion.

Adesina’s practice is greatly influenced by his experiences of travel. Whilst travelling, he immerses himself in different cultures and collects an assortment of imagery which then inspires new work. It is often the combination of the beauty of natural landscapes coupled with the devastation caused by human intervention which fuel Adesina’s imagination and creativity, “Our world is full of wonderful landscapes and I wish to highlight the continual damage caused by things such as deforestation, the politics of energy consumption, and endangered wild species.”

June Carey & Ade Adesina: A Collaboration in Print
Glasgow Print Studio First Floor Gallery
Exhibition Runs: 9 June – 28 July 2018

Offer of Love, June Carey and Ade Adesina

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