Alan Kay



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Forth bridges, mixed, 80x50cm

South coast, ink, 50x30cm

Boats at Leith 2, oil, 100x65cm

Irises, ink, 30x20cm

Bowled over, charcoal and ink, 60x40cm


It is always very difficult to use words to outline what you do spatially and visually. I tend to think in pictures, and where one thing is in relation to another. This is perhaps why I have always drawn and painted - trying to represent and understand what I see. For me, art is really a learning process - and through drawing I look much more closely and thus increasingly appreciate the world I live in. Everywhere I look there is something to try and understand, to try and draw.


Born in Kirkcaldy in Fife, Alan was brought up in Aberdeen where he also went to university. After leaving full-time study he worked abroad for many years in community development and with social and community enterprises.
Alan has always been interested in painting, drawing and sculpture and has followed various courses with the Open College of the Arts, the continuing education programme at Edinburgh College of Art, part-time study at Leith School of Art and with other art tutors.
He is based in Edinburgh and shares a studio at St Margaret's House (2.33).


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