Alastair Clark



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Squall, laser-cut archival inkjet print, 40 x 41cm

Feedback Loop, Screenprint and acrylic on mdf, 70 x 65cm

The ice age is coming, lithograph, 50x 57cm

Cloud Puzzle, Screenprint and acrylic on mdf, 70 x170cm

Easterly, Southbound 150˚ W, Graphite, screenprint & gesso on MDF, 40 x 25cm

Polar Low, Lithograph, 47 x 47cm


My work comes primarily from a response to the natural environment. Colour is a passion for me, as is the thrill of creating something new. I often use printmaking to combine photographic and digitally manipulated imagery with direct hand painted marks to build up layers of richness and visual reference. Each process allows me the opportunity to work closely and intuitively at first and later to edit, objectively.

I often work in series to express movement, change, the passing of time and the interconnection of different elements. I find myself drawn to how nature is represented by science, through this filter of schematic views and diagrams it has become our modern way of comprehending the abstract organic systems of the natural world. The series of prints ‘From the Atmosphere’, 2003 explored a response to climate change using satellite meteorological images. Adopting various schematic representations of weather patterns to create sequences combined with abstract forms suggestive of weather fronts and cyclones.


Alastair Clark trained in drawing and painting at Edinburgh College of Art working with mixed-media and printmaking. He became increasingly involved in the medium of printmaking and in 1995 went on to train at the Tamarind Institute of Lithography, New Mexico. Since 1992 he has worked at Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop, where he is currently the Studio Director. He exhibits widely and is a professional member of The Society of Scottish Artists.


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