Alison Grant



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A present of things past A present of things present A present of thing to come. Graphite and Egg tempera on plaster

Autumnal equinox. Seasons in the mind. Graphite on paper. 150mm 1200mm

Summer solstice. Four seasons in the mind. Graphite on paper. 1500mm 1200mm

Vernal equinox. Four seasons in the mind. Graphite on paper. 1500 1200mm

And our faces brief as photos. Egg tempera on gesso board. 1200 650mm



My interest is in the relationships between the cycles of the natural world and my preoccupation with our experience of time. Taking inspiration from the environment, I follow my thoughts, slowly building up bodies of work that represent the journey as each idea is explored. I spend time experimenting with methods and materials always searching for the illusive responses that better express the particular idea.

My most recent exhibition The Shape of Time explored time and the way we experience time set within the framework of the lunar and tidal cycles of a site on Loch Fyne. Linear time is embodied by the timing and execution of the site based studies and the tidal location, both physical manifestations of the passing of time. Within this body of work I also explored my experience of, and responses to, individual moments of time that are impossible to measure in a linear way but can only be experienced.

I am currently on a journey amidst the history of Wiltshire.


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