Alita Porter



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"The Gift", mixed media on cradled board, 30 cm square

"Winter", acrylic on paper, 30 cm square

"Which Way", 40 cm square, mixed media on paper

"Fire and Water", 40cm square, acrylic on paper

"Of Dreams", 30 cm x 22 cm, acrylic on paper

"Starálfur", 30 cm square, mixed media on paper


"I live and work in rural Aberdeenshire, Scotland. I have always painted and drawn, from the moment that I could hold a brush or a pencil. It is something that I need to do.

The bulk of my work is comprised of abstract paintings, using acrylic paint on canvas or paper, although I do work in other media such as pastel, pen and ink, watercolour and rarely digital. I also love to create collages from papers that I have previously painted or drawn on.

I am inspired primarily by colour, closely followed by texture, real and implied. I am fascinated by the patterns that nature presents to us and these motifs often occur in my work.

I find that my work reflects my mood, even though I am not aware of it happening at the time of painting. I am also keen to keep my work slightly ambiguous with a little mystery. I very rarely provide explanations of a piece of work, preferring to allow the viewer to reach their own conclusions about it. I believe that the viewer will either connect with a painting or not, regardless of a verbal description.

In addition to painting, I also enjoy hand printing and using polymer clay to create images and sculptures. From time to time I make jewellery, using many materials, both new and recycled."