Ana Olivier



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Mist _ acrylic an spray on canvas - 82x190cm

Urban - acrylic on canvas - 70X50 cm

Metropolis- acrylic on canvas - 79X157 cm

Freedom - acrylic on canvas - 50X70cm

Art dans la rue _ acrylic on canvas - 50X50cm

Comic Books _ acrylic on canvas _50X50 cm


Ana Olivier love urban art and presents on canvas this influence with symbols and techniques of collective expression, such as spray paint. His works present great depth. They run with multiple layers of paint and spray paint. The artist inserts some elements on others in order to present the art of the walls, in the moment in which several artists paint and spray on one another, creating collective works, that reflect the culture, anxieties and desires of the moment


The Artist began her studies of painting in 1990 developing works of monotipia in paper and gouache paint, using pieces of glass like brushes. He participated in several courses in painting and art. She researched new techniques and new elements always with the purpose of adding them to his composition. He took a course in printing and did an original retelling of the Batik's technique, he mixed different densities of paint and used the beeswax as a brush, revealing a unique plastic effect. She participated in natural dyeing courses in Brasília and São Paulo and created for the first time canvas with Eco Print, presenting to the public the possibilities of printing plants, flowers, seeds, and tree bark on panels.
She was enchanted by Graffiti, and show this influence in canvas.


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