Andrea Turner



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All the Land is Music. Oil on Canvas 50 x 50cm

Songlines-Water, Watercolour, pencil, silver leaf on paper. 150 x 100 cm

Songlines-Earth. watercolour, pencil, pigment on paper. 150 x 100cm

A Deep Rich Pool Full of Dreams. Oil on Canvas. 90 x 90 cm

Pan-Oil on Canvas. 90 x 77cm

The Gentle Witness. Oil on Canvas. 40 x 40cm


My recent work is a project called 'Song of the River' which is a multimedia piece comprising: Paintings, poetic text, music and song. This has been performed as a theatrical spoken word/music piece and exhibited as a series of related oil paintings and text. My work has been exhibited and performed widely throughout Scotland. I am currently working on a new multi-media piece.


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