Archie Ramsay


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THE FORGIVING WHALE – constructed from driftwood found on Portobello beach and given a new golden prosthetic tail it represents the human interactions of the whales of San Ignacio Lagoon in California. Where they surface with their young ones to let boatloads of tourists hug them. It's said that the whales who first showed us this behaviour, after whaling was banned in the 1970s, would have known the maiming and slaughter of the whaling industry in the years before, and it seems perhaps they must have forgiven us. It’s known that whales have large amounts of spindle cells in their brains, three times more than humans and spindle cells are associated with empathy, emotion, moral judgements and love.

LOVEBIRD - is not doing so well in todays feathered mating game and is seriously thinking that he might just as well go home and rest his broken heart…until tomorrow!

FAMILY – is father, mother, son and a child not yet born. The children are gold with mother holding her son close and father dearly wishing for a daughter. The spirit of the child is watching from above for the time when it might join the world of flesh.

ROMANTICS - Princess and old Faithful are trying out something they've heard about called 'romance'. Princess is a high ranking Earthstar Ambassador programmed with all known galactic languages and the half-truths of multi-world diplomacy. Yet despite high position expectation she still can't help admiring old Faithful, because he is such an honest, humble, dedicated droid…qualities that Princess finds irresistible.

CALLING ALL CARS - recalls the old days of police technology, when pursuit, evidence and the capture of criminals was accomplished by Black Marias, Z Cars and the Reel to Reel Cameras that brought offenders to justice.

FRACKER – concerns the oil & gas wealth that's rupturing the ground beneath our feet. Modern hydraulics with horizontal drilling is said to cause methane gas release, seismic quakes, water contamination and cancer in humans. Perhaps we should leave fracking until it's health and environ-mental hazards are a bit better understood.


My assemblies are made from recycled items, found objects, natural materials and craft & machine parts. I like to use the mediums of assemblage and technology to express form and often begin with my big idea then find the parts coming together tell me how to craft the object for real. I aim to be authentic and constructive, juxtaposing junk and technology with spiritual notions, comparative reality and some humour. I hope you enjoy the sculptures and will obtain something from them for yourself.


And old family heritage of engineering and industry is reflected in the construction of my pieces and I have worked in manufacturing industry, government agency and disability charity. I was born in Scotland and I took my higher education through the Open University.