Åse Vikse

Website: http://www.asevikse.com

Email: a.vikse@rgu.ac.uk

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Sildafiskje | Herring fishing, Reduction Lino, 3 layers in black & white, 2017

I for arenaria interpres & quercus ilex, Linocut, black & white, 2019

Gullbotn | Norwegian Cabin, Reduction Lino, 5 layers in colours, 2016

Guttær | Brilliant, Reduction Lino, 3 layers in black & white, 2019

Gamle Haugesund | Old Haugesund, Reduction Lino, 4 layers in black & white, 2019

S for serinus serinus & fagus sylvatica, Linocut, black & white, 2019


Originally from the South West coast of Norway, in 2015 I moved to the North East coast of Scotland and settled in Aberdeen with my husband. I immediately went to Gray's School of Art for their Short Course Student Exhibition and ended up signing up for two Courses myself. Thanks to that I found a profound joy in Printmaking. I am now a full-time student at Gray's, expecting to graduate with a BA (Hons) in Communication Design (Illustration) in 2020. With a background in Graphic Design, I now see myself moving towards a career in art.