Åse Vikse

Website: http://www.asevikse.com

Email: a.vikse@rgu.ac.uk

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Sildafiskje | Herring fishing, Reduction Lino, 3 layers in black & white, 2017

I for arenaria interpres & quercus ilex, Linocut, black & white, 2019

Gullbotn | Norwegian Cabin, Reduction Lino, 5 layers in colours, 2016

Guttær | Brilliant, Reduction Lino, 3 layers in black & white, 2019

Gamle Haugesund | Old Haugesund, Reduction Lino, 4 layers in black & white, 2019

S for serinus serinus & fagus sylvatica, Linocut, black & white, 2019


‘We discover things usually by accident. In looking for something you may discover something else’ – Marthe Armitage, 2019.
This quote sums up much how I discovered Printmaking, how I sometimes find my motifs and where I find the motivation to go forward and seek to explore. It seems I keep looking for prints in all aspects of life. Where I initially had a traditional style, I now see myself fascinated by the notion of Printmaking. Are imprints always tangible? Can you capsulate a memory as a print? Can a place act as an imprint?

How do you build bridges between two countries – is it an act of making the distance shorter for yourself or others?
The perception of place and how it affects us is an area I gravitate towards. Can a place be reflected in a product, does a place influence a creative person, might it impact the creative process? I do not only mentally bear a place with me, but it also colours each aspect of me whether I want or not. Once removed from it I now find myself closer to it.
I aim to build bridges to convey who I am, in order to enhance my print.

It is important to search for sustainable solutions in any aspect of our lives.
As creatives – can we find a more sustainable way of producing, apply a degradable material, recycle without compromising on the outcome, reduce or discontinue environmentally hostile products? With this attitude, it felt natural to explore woodcut and focus on eco-friendly products and materials. It has not compromised anything, it enables more exploring, requires more from me as an artist and somehow supply more value to not only the product but perhaps most importantly – the whole process.
What I aim to investigate is tactility, material, impact and imprint – the notion of Printmaking.


Originally from the South West coast of Norway, in 2015 I moved to the North East coast of Scotland and settled in Aberdeen with my husband. I immediately went to Gray's School of Art for their Short Course Student Exhibition and ended up signing up for two courses myself. Thanks to that I found a profound joy in Printmaking. I am now a full-time student at Gray's, expecting to graduate with a BA (Hons) in Communication Design (Illustration) in 2020. With a background in Graphic Design, I now see myself moving towards a career in art.