Barbara Mackie



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Old Oak, ink and conte, 43 x 34 cms

Family of Oak, ink and conte, 36 x 42 cms

Laundry Bridge, ink wash and conte, 41 x 46 cms

Old Oakwood, ink and conte, 45 x 54 cms

Newhaven Breakwater, mixed media, 41 x 52 cms

Rainbow Light, ink and acrylic, 45 x 45 cms


Whether simply looking or drawing spaces or landscape, Barbara Mackie uses these opportunities as a source for her work, in that each contributes to her visual memory, from both built and natural landscape. She wants to create something that is beyond the landscape but essentially borne of its character.
Being amongst ancient woodland is of great interest to her, be it a single tree or the woodland itself. More than just the study of nature and beyond subject matter alone, ancient woodland provides her with true inspiration.
In Canada’s British Columbia, she saw the magnificent ancient Cedar Forest where the trees are extremely large in girth to a great height and a beautifully warm russet in colour. In Alberta she was overwhelmed by the scale, variety and drama of the Rocky Mountains.
Structures such as bridges by interlocking road and railways, and monumental structures like industrial buildings hold a fascination for her.


Barbara Mackie was born in Penicuik, Scotland, graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in the 1970s including winning a scholarship to Yale University Summer School, USA. She now lives and works near Edinburgh and has also lived in Aberdeenshire and Lincolnshire. She taught art in schools and colleges and managed art services in the community. She now concentrates solely on her own practice.