Billie Thackwell



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In My Head no.1, Drawing on polaroid

In My Head no.2, Drawing/painting on Polaroid

Portrait of a Mind, painting on Polaroid

Beginnings no.1 , Drawing on Polaroid

Beginnings no.2 , Drawing on Polaroid

Closed Rooms no.1 , Drawing on Polaroid


Using the polaroid I look into both room and space as well as the gaps or in-betweens. I am curious about our in-betweens , whats going on there. In my newest project which has the mind in focus I use intuitive lines and colours to express the activity and mess going on in my own head, in my in-betweens. What we experience in our closed selves and do not necessarily show outwards.


Billie is an artist though born in the UK , now living in Oslo and working from her studio there. She works with and on the Polariod this she has been doing for several years. She has a strong studio practice and has exhibited in Norway and internationally.


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