Calum Wallis



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15.36, graphite on canvas, 1828 x 3048mm

02.12, stone lithograph, 1090 x 720mm

02.12, stone lithograph, 1090 x 720mm

12.46, stone lithograph, screen print, 300 x 460mm

18.11, stone lithograph, screen print, 290 x 460mm


My practice is fed by a love of nature, a love of drawing and a love of peaceful, patient observation.
A project will generally begin with a trip into the wild, where I'll spend nights and days sitting and watching. I look for patterns, oddities, textures - natural drawings created by time, growth and decay in the landscape. During this time I will sketch, photograph, keep journals and experiment with different ways to create a drawing in the wilderness.
When brought back to the studio this research is used to inform more ambitious drawings. Working in dense detail from left to right, top to bottom, the meditative process of drawing allows me to learn a surface while simultaneously abstracting it.
Due to my love of texture in particular, I lean toward drawing dense and fractal surfaces rather than traditional landscapes or vistas - my primary interest lies in the minutiae of the landscape.


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