Carol Crawford



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Slate Sculpture 3 in an Ayr front garden, recycled roof slates, 60cm x 90cm at widest and highest points, 2016

Cork-twig Mobile Sculpture, acrylic painted twigs, wine corks and fishing line, 2018

Slate Mobile, recycled slates, wire coat hangers and wood dowelling, in wood frame 2.2m x 1.6m, 2018

Stabile Sculpture in Corney and Barrow's Ayr wineshop, recycled wine bottle, hanger wire and acrylic-painted corks, 40 x 30 cm at highest and widest points, 2018

Moss-rock-artwork in roof garden at CoGC in Nov 2018, slates, red sandstones, white quartz, barrel hoop, moss, mossy stones, montane willows, 42 square metres

Slate Sculpture 6 at moss-rock-artwork at COGC in January 2019, recycled slates, approx 70 cm high and 60cm at widest


My artwork is underpinned by a long career in ecology/forestry; the ecological ethos stays strong. Themes appreciate the natural environment – water, rocks, habitats, plants/trees ─ and I prefer to use natural and found materials. Recycling is also important to me. I like working outdoors to create living artworks and am researching terrariums to bring wild plants indoors

Output is often 3D: land art, sculpture, including mobiles and stabiles - using clay, slates, wire, wood, glass, corks etc. My 2018 degree show piece is a huge moss-rock artwork (with montane willows) in the roof garden at City of Glasgow College (CoGC), which I am still maintaining (and learning from) in early 2019. I have now finished seven slate sculptures and four mobiles. Earlier work includes: structured paintings with twigs, metal, slates and fused glass; ceramic fountains − water cycle sound pieces; a wine-shop mural, with reused glass and cork; and a living willow sculpture.

I am also influenced by prehistoric rock art, studied for my honours dissertation, capturing it in photographs, drawings, clay and glass pieces and sculpture. I made a photo-book combining some of these artworks with research findings.


Carol Crawford recently fledged from City of Glasgow College/UWS with a good honours degree in Contemporary Art Practice and works as an artist in Ayrshire. Her honours dissertation was on prehistoric rock art – cup-and-ring mark carvings from the Neolithic – Scotland’s earliest art. These marks indicate a respect for the natural environment often missing today.

Such themes are explored in her permanent huge moss-rock-artwork in the roof garden at CoGC. She made a smaller rock-art sculpture outside the Electric Brae Gallery on the Ayrshire coast.

She has been constructing recycled slate sculptures since 2015. There are five in front gardens in Ayrshire, one in a garden in the Borders and two in the moss-rock artwork at CoGC.

She has a mural and stabile on permanent display in Corney and Barrow's Ayr wine shop. These recycled glass, cork, etc.

Carol had a previous career as an ecologist and forester which influences her art.
Engagement with forestry continues as Editor of Scottish Forestry, the Royal Scottish Forestry Society (RSFS) journal. As an ecologist she specialised in plant surveys and continues to do this voluntarily as joint Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland recorder for Ayrshire. Wild flowers and trees have featured in her paintings and drawings.

Before studying art her main creative was photography. She received a Millennium Award to publish a photo-guide to mosses, a cult classic which still introduces people to this difficult group (4000 copies distributed).


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