Catherine Froy



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Boat, Acrylic Wash, 33 x 28 cm

Fresco (Crete), Acrylic wash, 76 x 53 cm

Shadows, Acrylic Wash, 72 x 50 cm

Fresco (Crete). Acrylic wash on canvas. 75x49cms.

Spring in Sweden 20 x 20 cms. Acrylic wash , chalk and pencil on canvas panel.


Through my painting and drawing, I seek to convey a sense of place where something transitory, but significant, occurs. In a sense canvas or paper becomes a 'theatrical stage'. The imagery employed is taken indirectly from nature and has a repeating theme.

In early work you will recognise elements drawn from the landscape using material gathered in Scotland and beyond. Later pictures evolve in an indirect way from memory, using objects kept in the studio to construct a scene suggesting some kind of event. My work has recently started to move in two directions. My earlier interests have taken a step forward and I have started to paint imagined theatre stages. I have also been working in front of the subject, gathering new images from buildings in the old town of Stirling. I have made a series of drawings and small paintings based on these sketches, entitled, 'Glimpses of the Old Town'.

In my gallery pages at, I present my work chronologically going back from the present day. In addition to the pictures you can see in the galleries, I have an extensive collection of other paintings and drawings, some of which are archived in a store at my home.


I was born in 1957 in Box, Wiltshire and brought up in Somerset. I studied at Goldsmiths College and the Slade School of Fine Art in London through the 1980s. During that time I obtained the following qualifications:

Foundation Year, Goldsmiths College, 1982

BA Fine Art, Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, 1986

Higher Diploma in Fine Art, Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, 1988

From an early age I have been interested in performing arts, literature and visual art and had studied two academic subjects before embarking on a path that took me to a Foundation course in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College. During this time I worked at the National Theatre on the South Bank.

In 1982 I gained a place at the Slade School of Art and pursued a four-year degree course in Fine Art, specialising in painting, which enabled me to pursue two more years of postgraduate study. At the end of this time I was awarded the Boise Travelling Scholarship and went to the west coast of Canada, where I had family roots, and also the US for a month’s touring. I moved up to Scotland in 1989 with a small grant made designs for stained glass. Later, after a move to Stirling, I returned to painting and started to exhibit at home. In 2006 I met Jane Cameron from Stirling University and was the second person to exhibit at Stirling University Library in an exhibition called On the Wall. At around the same time I had the opportunity to travel to Lapland and spent a period painting in the Art Department Studios at the University in Rovaniemi.

When the first Forth Valley Open Studios was established in 2010 I took part and then again the following year. At this point I and four other artists established the Red Tree Group. Our first exhibition was held at my house in October 2010. In 2011, I had a picture from a solo show at Scion House accepted at the Royal Glasgow Institute annual Open Exhibition. The Red Tree re-grouped for a second exhibition at Scion House, Stirling in 2012.

In October 2014 I exhibited my most recent paintings and drawings at the University of Glasgow and in August 2015 at Dunblane Museum.

In 2016 I will be artist in residence at the Jamtli Museum in Ostersund, Sweden.


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