Chelsie Dysart



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Captive, Street performance, Glasgow

Modern Day Relationships, Drypoint and Chine Colle, 30cm x 45cm

The Diversity of Social Class, Drypoint, 35inch x 42inch

Motionless [1], Acrylic and Charcoal, 42cm x 65cm

Motionless [2], Acrylic and Charcoal, 42cm x 65cm

The Space We Fill, Acrylic and Pencil, 14cm x 24cm


 My practice primarily explores a variation of modern day experiences by representing them with series of observational drawings, recorded sound, performance and video from the environment of the experience.  I typically approach these experiences that appear in our modern day lives by placing myself into the situation to gather as much information from it as I can which I then take forward to create bodies of work. 

I use my work to capture an experience and to use it to then transmit that experience to a further audience. Each approach that is made to different artworks varies due to the way the public reacts to the work. The transmission of capturing an experience and transferring it into an exhibition space for a further audience to experience aims to then communicate strong messages of the controls and barriers which may appear invisible within every day life however my approach to my artwork is to eliminate this invisibility and highlight the controls, barriers, raw emotions and truths behind modern day life experiences.


Scottish born and based artist working primarily in the mediums of painting and printmaking through the current studies of BA (Hons) in Art with Stirling University.


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