Chris Andrews



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Edinburgh 24 Streets | giclee print on archival paper | 80 x 60

SandMap | giclee print on archival paper | 84 x 56

Sandlines - Banff Bay | giclee print on archival paper | 62 x 102


I compile photographic image collections that document urban and landscape surfaces.

My methodology is to walk in the landscape, orientate the camera at right-angles to the subject, log the coordinates of each image, select and print using the giclee process on fine art paper.

Compiling images of subjects in the landscape make it possible to reassess, reinterpret and re-relate to landscape. My involvement in the external environment is as a gardener, landscape designer and walker.

Image collections are:
PostTops (the tops of wooden posts)
SandMap (project photographing the Aberdeenshire shore)
24 Streets (a series of city profiles by selecting images of twenty-four streets)
TreeTracks (lengths of tree stems)
SandLines (extents of beaches)


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