Anca Stefanescu



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Nothing Real Can Be Threatened, Oil on Canvas, 140x130x3 cm

Authentic Self, Oil on Canvas, 180x180 cm

Frame of Reference, Oil on Canvas, 180x190 cm

The Innocent Perception, Oil on Canvas, 120x100 cm

The Gift of Vision, Oil on Canvas, 180x130 cm

Momentum, Oil on Canvas, 120x100 cm


I was always searching for something... was it identity?... And it is not only my quest. The need for belonging? We belong to a country, a culture, a family, a child… a man or a woman? We belong to a God…? To somewhat or someone. Races, religions, countries and their boundaries. I don’t believe in boundaries, they are only in our minds. I believe in people. In what connects us and puts us apart from each other. In what we learn from each encounter, from each illusive separation… But always in searching for meeting the higher self, to be yourself... and yet to discover and recognize you are one with all the others.
I’ve drawn and painted my whole life, it’s what kept me into alignment, dreaming or feeling… more into the now.
I was born in Bucharest and I grew up in Vădastra (Olt county) in the air of middle Neolithic, in between pieces of ceramics that were thousands of years old. I treasured each piece of painted pottery as if it was the keeper of my ancient memory and also a reminder that the time is just a concept.
I felt connected my entire life to the nature but also to the invisible world of our souls, that world where is no separation between life and us.
I believe love never ends because I believe in oneness. I feel a part of me breathing in every plant, animal or sound. I sense the subtle energy of the water as if it is mine. I paint what I meet, what I feel, see, embrace and what I love.
When I am drawing everything runs like a confirmation of Awareness. I fell myself stepping into alignment.
I want to give to someone else the power to enhance the higher vibration, the pulsation of our true nature… the vision to abandon all past and future and reveal the nature of consciousness.
I want to inspire people to see the beauty in every detail, to discover the secret message in every tinny flower, tree, animal or bird. Every detail of the nature matters like every step we made.
I dream to bring colour into people lives. Every colour has its magnificent energy that helps us to stay connected to our Divine Source. It helps us to love and appreciate ourselves and all that surround us... and to remain connected to everything in our world through love...
So I said to myself: I shall paint all that helps us to let go and love the moment, all that gives the strength to open ourselves to the presence of love and joy within us.
We are all flamingos or hummingbirds, we are all elephants and rhinos we are all flowers and trees... we are water and wind...


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