David Dalzell

Website: http://www.david-dalzell.blogspot.co.uk

Email: info@daviddalzell.co.uk

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Ecstatic Rainbow, photography and relief paint, 52x52cm (framed)

Take the first step in faith, photography and relief paint, 37x103cm (framed)

Calm sea around Bass Rock, watercolour and chinese ink, 15x25cm (framed)

Sea Storm, watercolour, 25x25cm (framed)

Storm over Bass Rock, watercolour and chinese ink, 42x54cm (framed)

Hornbeam, pen and ink, 38 x 47mm (framed)


I am a visual artist, working mostly across multiple media.

I am inspired by nature and by its free flow and movement, as well as transitions
between elements and boundaries, including from sea to land and air, and the
sense of both permanence and transformation and aim to capture the energy and
movement using various media, as well as the emotional state evoked. I often
paint outside in the situation itself, or recreate the scene from memory. I have
begun to experiment with photography, holding the camera by hand, and moving
it, as well as capturing both moving and still subjects to create new and exciting
images. I have recently combined photography and water colour painting in new
and transformative ways. Using cut pieces of the photographs for collage work, I
begin to use the photographs as the colour medium itself. I am fascinated by the
patterns inherent in nature and how they can be seen at both the small and large
scale. I enjoy capturing these patterns and reflecting on them, as well as using
different media to re-create them. It is important for me as an artist to draw on
the inspirations from both looking outward at the natural world, and at the same
time, inward at the reflected inner landscape; the emotions stirred by it, and the
subconscious symbolism evoked. As a biologist, I am also inspired by the human's place in nature. I use my art to both represent and explore my conscious and subconscious thoughts on this. By paying particular attention to the moments when the boundaries blur can often evoke more meditative art pieces.


With a background in both art and science, having previously researched as a
biologist, I noticed I would often draw the subject of study. Moving to Scotland’s
inspiring landscape, I began to develop my skills, blending my interest of
landscape and organism, including the human figure, into my art

I have lived in Scotland for 19 years, and currently balance my artistic career with being a graphic designer and publisher. Work in graphic design lends itself well to free-hand illustration, and using external observation together with my imagination helps to enrich the artwork.

I have exhibited and sold work over the last 17 years. Edinburgh venues have included WASPS, Stockbridge, Adam House on Chamber Street and Amber Arts on Montrose Terrace. I have also expanded to the East Lothian town of North Berwick and my local Midlothian county towns of Dalkeith and Penicuik. I held my first solo international exhibition in Lacenas, near Lyon, France over the Bastille weekend of 14/15 July 2012. I am currently exhibiting in Maple Arts Gallery, Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh.