David Lyons

Website: http://davidlyons.fun

Email: drdavelyons@gmail.com

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David Lyons is interested in people’s different visual perceptions, particularly how is art perceived by those with varying visual acuities and if design can be translated to enhance the experience of those with vision impairments. He does this through an understanding of the eye’s physiology and the application of colour theory, artistic principles and computer science.


David Lyons studied graphics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and printmaking at the Art Institute of Chicago, Loyola University, Chicago and Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee Scotland. Before coming to Scotland he designed exhibits for Charles Schulz and Peanuts as well as the Space Centre, Houston. He has taught at the University of Wisconsin Stout and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and is currently the Computer Arts Programme Leader at Abertay University, Dundee.

Lyons early life in Chicago was dominated by skateboarding and playing bass in punk rock bands. His later life has been dominated by an early-onset and continuing mid-life crisis resulting in continued bass playing in punk rock bands. Artistically he is influenced by Barbara Kruger, Saturday morning cartoons, tabloid newspapers and Dan Flavin.