Dawn Wood

Website: http://www.dawnwoodartist.co.uk/

Email: dawnwood10@sky.com

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Ring a Ring O'Rosies (detail)

White Tara (detail)


Teacher (detail)

Ring a Ring O'Rosies (detail)

First Heart (detail)


I have always painted, but when I discovered clay, it felt as if my work broadened and deepened. People have always used clay both to connect with the earth and to transcend the physical plane in the making of goddess figures, niches, vessels for offerings. Now I make pieces which speak with this tradition, using terracotta bisque and stoneware and a variety of underglazes. I am aware of the need for bravery in letting dark shadows emerge and in letting the clay come alive on something of its own terms. It feels like serious play using intuition and meditation as a daily practice. My ceramics are often placed with other found objects and when the title comes to me I know the the piece is complete.


Dawn Wood was born in Omagh, County Tyrone and moved to Dundee in 1986. After a career as a science lecturer, she trained as a hypnotherapist and became self-employed as a visual artist, hypnotherapist and poet. She currently teaches art classes organised by Carse Association for Continuing Education and is part-time tutor in Postgraduate Medical Education at The University of Dundee. Although her academic background is science-related, her research gradually became interdisciplinary and her doctorate was part-based at the Centre for Natural Design at Dundee Contemporary Arts and incorporated both science and poetry. She has published four poetry collections with Templar Poetry, Derbyshire.