Deanna Tyson FRSA



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Gaia, oils & stitch on canvas, 70cmx60cm

Egalite, applique & stitch on African wax cloth, 80cmx80cm

Yes We Can, acrylic on canvas flags intertwined 50cmx50cm

ZCZC Kimono, appliqué & stitch on hessian, 150cmx140cm

ZCZC Kimono, appliqué & stitch on hessian, 150cmx140cm


I am a storyteller whose words are stitch, whose paper is silk.
My art weaves tales in delicate, stitched line on layers of fabric just as a wordsmith pens his thoughts on papers.
Textiles define social histories and cultures, signal wealth, class, status ethnicity and mood. They are both functional and frivolous but most importantly, are an accessible, universal art form in their own right.
It is for all these reasons that I choose to work within this field creating hangings, soft sculptures, stitched paintings, mats and garments of which the kimono is my signature piece.
My art is on a moving canvas, wearable art, worn on the body to wander the world reflecting the trials and tribulations of everyday life in vivid imagery on satins, silks and calicos.
Spider like, I spin together follies and frailties with cautionary tales and myths, gleaning information from snippets of conversation and a bric -a- brac of news, radio chitchat and social media twisting them with fairy tales and myths which carry universal themes.
From this rich palette of ideas, drawing parallels between the fantasy of reality and the reality of fantasy.
My sumptuous pieces entice you in through a web of metaphors to discover their darker intent, their secrets.


I am a visual artist specialising in textiles. ‘Painting on a moving canvas’ is my signature style. Over the past twenty years I have perfected a personal interpretation of the Japanese kimono. I want my work to challenge. Often these illustrative, narrative, embroidered, painted and mixed media representation express my personal response to contemporary social and political issues. Using the movement and freedom that the three dimensional, kimono allows, I create wearable art in the form of tactile, sensuous but thought provoking pieces.
My work is both influenced and inspired by artists ranging from Botticelli to Basquiat, from political cartoonists Gillray and Scarfe to the Japanese woodblock print maker Utamaro. I love the rhythm of line.
My love of literature and of powerful narrative and my fundamental belief in both being aware and making others aware, of social and political issues, finds expression in the cartoon like drawings I work in stitch on silk, calico, organza, leather and a many other materials where appropriate.
Alongside 30 years teaching experience in secondary schools, I have taught painting, drawing and textile courses to adult and younger learners in schools, colleges, hospitals and community settings in Cambridge, London, Holland, Mexico and Colombia. My talks and workshops have included presentations to art societies, Embroiders Guild, Quilters Guild and in collaboration with Anti-Slavery International for the bicentenary of the abolition of the international slave trade and the Citizenship Foundation.
In 2000 I was awarded the Sacha Young Award for Textile Art and in 2002 I was awarded the Award for Artistry in Textiles, (USA 2002). Twice, I have received an International Silk Painters Award and an International Art Quilt Award.


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