Denise Hunter



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Intuition Tested and Applied, Vintage brass door handle, brass Vacant/Engaged door lock,

Intuition Tested and Applied

Intuition Tested and Applied


Securing Identity

Obedience to Authority


Every piece of sensory information we experience consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously create memories that form our beliefs, habits and behaviours which are reinforced over time since the day we are born.
The brains processing system forms connections and associations from these life experiences, and files each piece of information into the subconscious and unconscious memory networks. These memories reflect our inner states of awareness and influence our day to day functioning.
It is here, within these networks that the source of intuition is believed to originate, where the conscious mind connects with the unconscious and draws from a wealth of stored sensory data.
According to scientific studies, intuition and the unconscious mind are fundamental to creativity and play an important role in how human beings, think, create, interact, reason and begin the process of perception in the world around us.
I feel intuitively drawn to found objects, old vintage things with a previous life and a sense of substance. Items which can be altered and recreated into a contemporary existence, with layered meanings which stimulate thought.