Dorothy Jackson



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pupal cases: paper, wax, inks, threads

tears of re: bees wax, linen thread, metal weights, hive frame

foundation: wax, ink, paper, threads

warning sign: wax, linen thread, paper, inks, frame bar

colony: bees wax, paper

what have we done: peat


My current work concerns the intersection between the human and natural spheres, examined through studies of natural materials and their historical and contemporary uses and meanings. I am interested in the technical and social aspects of how natural materials are transformed, ranging from craft processes to industrial manufacture. As we enter the Anthropocene epoch, the focus is on human ingenuity and willingness to reduce unsustainable impacts on the planet’s ecology and climate. My recent work has explored these themes through studies of bees wax, peat and birch.

My practice is largely materials- and process-led, based on investigations of properties of natural materials combined with research on the subject.


BA with Distinction, Combined Studies (Art & Design), Edinburgh College of Art, 2016

Co-founder of MESH Artists Collective

I work from the Isle of Skye where I manage a woodland croft.