Dylan Esposito

Website: http://dylanesposito.com

Email: dylan_esposito@hotmail.com

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Dylan Esposito - Kitchen Cantilever, 2020

Dylan Esposito – Nothing Wrong Is With Me, 2020

Dylan Esposito – Nothing Wrong Is With Me (Detail), 2020

Dylan Esposito – How Can It Not Know What It Is? 2020

Dylan Esposito – How Can It Not Know What It Is? (Detail), 2020

Dylan Esposito – Beating Around The Bush, 2020


The world can be a dizzying, confusing, uncertain and overwhelming place. Architecture and design attempt to offer order and control through their reassuring visions of how life could be. I am interested in the ambiguity of buildings and objects that do not quite meet their intended aspirations, are deemed unfit for purpose, outdated or are left to ruin.

Through sculpture, I appropriate these architectural, domestic and design failures, reworking them as a metaphor of the disparity between preconceived expectations and their shortcomings. Using everyday building processes, I often submerge and disguise found objects and materials in an attempt to conceal their failures, examining the fine line between the ideal and the uncanny.


Dylan Esposito (b. 1995, London, UK) is a Glasgow based artist working primarily within the medium of sculpture. Recently he has exhibited in 2/42 Studios Remote Exhibition series & London based curator Georgia Stephenson’s Patio Project. Since graduating from the Glasgow School of Art's Sculpture & Environmental Art program, he was awarded with the New Graduate Award 2020 by the Society of Scottish Artists and will be exhibiting in the SSA Annual Exhibition 2021. He was also selected for the RSA NEW CONTEMPORARIES 2021 and the Neurodivergent Artists Network, an artists’ collective that is promoting neurodiversity in the visual arts within Scotland.


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